Publications & Deliverables

COVIRNA project video

The COVIRNA project video introduces the project to researchers and clinicians by presenting the medical challenge, the objectives, the methodology and the consortium partners.

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Project logo, flyer and website

The document contains the description of the items intended for COVIRNA communication and dissemination: project logo, flyer and website. The document describes the logic behind each of these items, the design choices, how they will be used as well as key references to colour codes and website links.

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Project flyer

The COVIRNA project flyer is a visual two-pager which summarises the scope of the project, the goals, and the partners, introducing COVIRNA to general audiences.

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Publication: Evidence for Biological Age Acceleration and Telomere Shortening in COVID-19 Survivors

The paper looks at the biological age acceleration and telomere shortening among a cohort of 117 COVID-19 survivors (post-COVID-19) and 144 non-infected volunteers (COVID-19-free).

Newsletter 2

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Publication: Cardiovascular RNA markers and artificial intelligence may improve COVID-19 outcome: a position paper from the EU-CardioRNA COST Action CA17129

In the paper, members of the EU-CardioRNA COST Action CA17129 summarise the current knowledge about the strain that COVID-19 places on the cardiovascular system and discuss how RNA biomarkers can aid to limit this burden.

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Periodic Report (10 March 2022)

The report provides an overview of the work carried out in the first year of the project, including main results achieved, expected results until the end of the project and potential impacts.

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