The COVIRNA project is supported by external partners and collaborators, who provided samples and clinical data critical for the success of the project research.

The Pasteur Institute of Novi Sad provided whole blood samples from 270 patients and their related clinical data.

Pasteur Institute Novi Sad

The Pasteur Institute Novi Sad was founded in 1921 as part of Yugoslavia Pasteur Institute network for nation-wide rabies control. Several decades later, Pasteur Institute Novi Sad took over the functions of all other Yugoslav Pasteur Institutes. Today, Pasteur Institute Novi Sad is a modern public healthcare and research facility oriented toward the implementation of One Health approach in management, diagnostic and research of various zoonotic agents. Thanks to its great experience and existing infrastructure, Pasteur Institute Novi Sad is operating as National Reference Laboratory for Rabies.

The team dedicated to the implementation of the COVIRNA project is coordinated by Pavle Banović, MD (Pasteur Institute Novi Sad) and consists of experts working in different healthcare institutions:
– Jasmina Grujić MD, PhD, transfusiologist (Blood Transfusion Institute Vojvodina)
– Vladimir Dolinaj MD, PhD, anesthesiologist (Clinical Centre of Vojvodina)
– Davor Križanović MD (Clinical Centre of Vojvodina)
– Dragana Mijatović MD, clinical microbiologist (Pasteur Institute Novi Sad)
– Verica Simin PhD, microbiologist (Pasteur Institute Novi Sad)