COVIRNA is a patient-centred Innovation Action aiming to generate a diagnostic tool to identify COVID-19 patients at risk of developing fatal cardiovascular complications.

A joined-up EU wide approach to protecting our population.

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Identifying those at most risk from COVID-19

The overall goal of the COVIRNA project is to generate a diagnostic test based on cardiovascular RNA biomarkers highly predictive of the clinical outcomes of COVID-19 patients and to enable its rapid market uptake with the aim to improve individualised surveillance, care and follow-up of these patients in the context of the current pandemic. 

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How we will do it

Our work packages are evolving, but include consideration and development of:

Access to
Existing & past
COVID-19 Data
A centralised
A predictive
& adoption
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The Consortium

The LIH, through the Cardiovascular Research Unit of the Department of Population Health (DoPH), led by Dr Yvan Devaux, will be the Coordinator of “COVIRNA”. The consortium of organisations delivering COVIRNA includes:

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